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Embark on a journey into the diverse world of acting at Broken Mirror Studio. Whether you're diving into professional scene study courses, unleashing your inner clown, exploring the transformative power of mask work, or seeking personalized guidance through private coaching, our offerings cater to every actor looking to enrich their craft.


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Effie Kamer. Actor, Playwright

Through their sensitivity and mastery, Ben facilitates an earnest and expansive exploration of mask. His workshops are excellent. Ben is present, skilled, and kind as they guide the actor into deeper and deeper channels of creativity in being.

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Vanessa Ogbuehi. Brand Strategist, Theatre Artist

 I was eager to have a one-on-one experience with Ben to reacquaint myself with the practice and to make new discoveries after a year of sedentary life. Ben led me through an exploration nothing short of astounding. Their openness to letting me laugh, play, and cry in the safe, intimate setting of their studio helped me get in touch with emotions and characters I forgot I had access to. 

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Mark Kennedy. Actor, Deviser

I'm still carrying the experiences I went through under Ben's expert coaching. Their ability to meet me where I was, work with my physical and emotional intuition, and push me to explore more deeply and with more curiosity than I ever expected of myself left me feeling cared for, empowered, and witnessed.

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Jasai Chase Owens. Actor

 I really enjoyed Ben's class. (Following the workshop) the next week for me I felt better than I had in a very long time. I was filled with a level  joy and self love that has been elusive. My work was less heady and more in my body even as I sat at a table doing script work. 

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Carol Moog PhD. Licensed Pychologist and Musician

Ben’s expert use of the many masks they have available for the work, together with their sensitive and insightful approach to the actor, allowed for a revealing and useful connection on somatic and emotional levels."

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Chris Harral. Actor

Working with Ben was EXACTLY what I needed.  I was able to explore the purely impulsive side of me that, for a host of reasons, I always seem to be fighting against. The invitation to say yes to my body and their clarity in how to apply this work to all areas of my acting (and life) has been a freeing revelation. Would definitely recommend!


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