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Pay What You Decide

Broken Mirror Studios firmly believes in the Pay What You Decide (PWYD) model.  We believe that growth and the building of community should be at the forefront of artistic opportunity, regardless of financial situation. All programs hosted by Broken Mirror will be Pay What You Decide. 

What is Pay What You Decide?
Pay What You Decide is a business model that literally means that each individual person gets to decide the financial value of their experience, as feels comfortable and appropriate to them. No fixed prices, no financial risk, and no closed doors.

What does the money support?
All money collected supports the continued operation and growth of the studio. Specifically this means that Broken Mirror has the ability to pay for our beautiful studio space at The Whole Shebang each month, pay our staff, marketing services, maintain our website, and  the ability to invest in future projects and ideas. Because of this we therefore hope you will give generously.


How do I pay?
Payment can be made online through our website or through venmo.

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