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Commitment to Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion

Racism is a form of structural and systemic violence that currently manifests in the persecution and murder of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Furthermore, racism perpetuates the systematic oppression of people of the global majority through enduring structures and institutions of power that deny these communities fundamental human rights. We hold these hard truths close as we commit to anti-racist work in our community of exploration, discovery, and growth within the arts.

Broken Mirror recognizes that racism consists of principles and practices that cause and justify an inequitable distribution of rights, opportunities, and experiences across racial groups. Structural racism reflects the macrosocial system of public policies and institutional practices that work in various, often reinforcing, ways to perpetuate racial injustice. Interpersonal racism reflects microsocial forces of culture expressed through discourse, attitudes, and behaviors that work in various, often reinforcing ways, to perpetuate racial injustice. Systematic racism is when structural and interpersonal racism operate both separately and together.

We resolve to actively listen to our BIPOC colleagues, friends, and communities on these issues; to unlearn behavior and assumptions; to humbly admit when we are wrong, even in situations that make us uncomfortable.

We recognize that there are significant differences between People of the Global Majority and white communities in access to housing, education, career and employment opportunities, housing opportunities, protection from environmental hazards, socially meaningful environments, government services, and wealth. These differences in access to opportunity have significant effects on health and quality and length of life, and are perpetuated through socio-cultural forces at play over generations. Anti-black bias in academia is just one of these forces that oppress people of the global majority.

We resolve to proactively seek to recruit, admit, and/or hire diverse students and faculty to our program; create programs, measures, and systems of accountability to make sure that students and staff from diverse backgrounds feel they belong and have the opportunity to succeed.

We resolve to incorporate anti-racism in our teaching, hiring, and continued development of our studio.

We resolve to continue this work even as it feels hard and in moments when the intensity of the political currents and news cycles ebb and flow on these issues, and to commit to holding ourselves and each other accountable.

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